Flawless Execution: Achieving the impossible

Flawless Execution: Achieving the impossible

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3 Spreadsheet Tips and Tricks to Make You More Productive

3 Spreadsheet Tips and Tricks to Make You More Productive

It’s a little hard to nail down total numbers, but there are around 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users worldwide, with a majority of them using the most popular spreadsheet of all time, Excel. Excel has been an incredibly powerful tool with numerous uses ranging from helping corporations solve financial challenges to accountants preparing tax analysis to individuals creating personal budgets. And everything in between.

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Thermal Printing - The Cliff Notes

Thermal Printing - The Cliff Notes

  • Thermal printing is an orchestra of many moving parts. The main conductor is the printhead. The printhead is the conductor of heat and composed of little square metal pins or pixels.
  • Each metal plate consists of pins and are categorized in dots per inch (DPI). 203 dpi, 300 dpi, & 600 dpi are common options. 203 dpi is used in your typical shipping label whereas the 600 dpi might be used for a small barcode in which the lines need to be clean and crisp in such a small label space, such as tiny circuit board label or a label on your cell phone.
  • Each pin can be heated up individually so depending on the image or barcode to be printed, the computer program tells each pin when to heat up and cool down to create the image needed.
  • The pins heat and cool as the media (label or tag) move through the printer under the printhead.
  • The pins in thermal transfer are square so as each pin heats it leaves a tiny square marking the size of a pinhead with straight edges that allow each marking to line up straight and touch, creating a clean line.
  • Other printing technologies, such as laser, use rounded pins and lay down tiny dots.
  • This is another reason why thermal printing is the best for printing barcodes. Clean and crisp lines are needed for optimum scanning/reading of the barcodes. Laser printed barcodes might look good to the eye, but under magnification, you can see the blurry edges from the laser printer laying down dots, whereas the thermal square pins allow the edges of the image to touch in a straight line.

2 types of Thermal printing:

Thermal Transfer – (“heat transfer”) in which the thermal (heated) printhead transfers the image onto the media substrate (i.e. label or tag) using a ribbon.

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Promotional Product are a great tool to add to your business and sales strategy. However, what do you do with all of the pens, stress balls, and phone wallets you bought. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to utilize your promo products.


    Trade shows and conventions are flat out hectic. You meet more people than a freshman moving into college! Do you really think anyone is going to remember you when they leave? Probably not.

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Deciding on Dedicated Thermal Printers

Deciding on dedicated printers: What to consider when choosing your thermal transfer printers

In today’s world, more and more companies are turning to automation as a business advantage.

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­­Project Management;  A service worth paying for

Project Management; A service worth paying for

You want more money? You also want more time? So do I.

Convincing your team and customers that they are any less important than your time at home, just isn’t feasible these days. Business partnerships are so much more and so is the workload. Your company and customer growth becomes personal. It’s not just a one man order placement, it’s a team effort. But finding the team to help, isn’t always easy.

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EDGE Introduction

As of 2014, there were reported to be 118,245,702 business in the United States (www.census.gov). That total ranges from small business of 4 people, all the way up to large corporations of 500+ employees. Now here’s the problem… there is A LOT of competition for having and maintaining a competitive edge. The businesses who stand out among the rest are those with the most notable brand identity. But you are probably asking yourself “how do I create a stronger brand identity?”

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Introducing Material ID Specialists Group

The world we all live in today is faster and more competitive than any before it. Customers are demanding more from suppliers in terms of the quality, cost and availability of goods and services. With more players in the market errors and delays are more costly than ever. While this may sound like a grim scenario it also presents companies with an opportunity to stand out and grow especially in challenging environments. It is this opportunity that our material ID specialists live and breathe every single day, working with their customers to increase efficiency, quality and productivity and ultimately protect and grow the bottom line.

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