Do Promotional Products Still Work? The Research Says Yes.

With so many ways to market your products and / or services in 2017, it's easy to forget more traditional marketing methods such as promotional products. Even if you haven't, you may be wondering if they are still effective. In short, yes they are!

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The 8 Letter Word That Makes Your Heart Race . . . BRANDING

We all know how important branding is, it’s more than just a logo, tagline, or colors. It’s EVERYTHING associated with your company! It’s the feeling someone gets, or the words they think, when they see your brand.

Do they know your brand? Have they had a positive experience with your brand? Do they trust your brand?

Take a moment to look at these company names and mentally make note of what comes to your mind. Do you instantly think of their logo and colors? Do you automatically know who they are or what they do? Do you have positive thoughts? Does it spark "feel good" memories?

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The Power of Marketing Personalization


In today’s technological world we are constantly surrounded by personalized marketing. From email messages scripted to match your interests (even your name), to your favorite shopping site were you are greeted with personalized recommendations (anyone ever shop Amazon?). Even your phone identifies where you are and presents you with reviews, recommendations, or even deals made just for you!

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