The 8 Letter Word That Makes Your Heart Race . . . BRANDING

We all know how important branding is, it’s more than just a logo, tagline, or colors. It’s EVERYTHING associated with your company! It’s the feeling someone gets, or the words they think, when they see your brand.

Do they know your brand? Have they had a positive experience with your brand? Do they trust your brand?

Take a moment to look at these company names and mentally make note of what comes to your mind. Do you instantly think of their logo and colors? Do you automatically know who they are or what they do? Do you have positive thoughts? Does it spark "feel good" memories?

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The Power of Marketing Personalization


In today’s technological world we are constantly surrounded by personalized marketing. From email messages scripted to match your interests (even your name), to your favorite shopping site were you are greeted with personalized recommendations (anyone ever shop Amazon?). Even your phone identifies where you are and presents you with reviews, recommendations, or even deals made just for you!

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Promotional Product are a great tool to add to your business and sales strategy. However, what do you do with all of the pens, stress balls, and phone wallets you bought. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to utilize your promo products.


    Trade shows and conventions are flat out hectic. You meet more people than a freshman moving into college! Do you really think anyone is going to remember you when they leave? Probably not.

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EDGE Introduction

As of 2014, there were reported to be 118,245,702 business in the United States ( That total ranges from small business of 4 people, all the way up to large corporations of 500+ employees. Now here’s the problem… there is A LOT of competition for having and maintaining a competitive edge. The businesses who stand out among the rest are those with the most notable brand identity. But you are probably asking yourself “how do I create a stronger brand identity?”

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Top 3 Reasons to Add Promo to Your Business Strategy

Promotional products are a great and inexpensive marketing tool. If you already have them in your business strategy, great! If you don’t, hang tight because today I will be talking about the top 3 reasons to add promo to your business strategy.

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Introducing New Website and Brands

Prograde is extremely excited to announce the launch of the NEW! It has been a long, yet extremely educational journey into our business, our clients’ interpretation of what we do, as well as fully understanding our clients’ needs. This knowledge, our acquisition of ViewSource, the growing number of expert services we provide, and the merging of traditional marketing with the new realities of social media and technology, all led us to acknowledge that it was time for a few changes.

Prograde is formed by 4 pillars of services that can be leveraged individually or as a whole. By focusing on each pillar, everything became clear. We are proud to introduce the 5 new Prograde brands, one for each pillar of our offerings, in addition to a fifth brand dedicated to launching programs and campaigns that harness the strength of all 4! . Please continue to read for a quick summary of each brand, and be sure to subscribe to our blog to learn more.

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