Introducing Material ID Specialists Group

The world we all live in today is faster and more competitive than any before it. Customers are demanding more from suppliers in terms of the quality, cost and availability of goods and services. With more players in the market errors and delays are more costly than ever. While this may sound like a grim scenario it also presents companies with an opportunity to stand out and grow especially in challenging environments. It is this opportunity that our material ID specialists live and breathe every single day, working with their customers to increase efficiency, quality and productivity and ultimately protect and grow the bottom line.

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Introducing New Website and Brands

Prograde is extremely excited to announce the launch of the NEW! It has been a long, yet extremely educational journey into our business, our clients’ interpretation of what we do, as well as fully understanding our clients’ needs. This knowledge, our acquisition of ViewSource, the growing number of expert services we provide, and the merging of traditional marketing with the new realities of social media and technology, all led us to acknowledge that it was time for a few changes.

Prograde is formed by 4 pillars of services that can be leveraged individually or as a whole. By focusing on each pillar, everything became clear. We are proud to introduce the 5 new Prograde brands, one for each pillar of our offerings, in addition to a fifth brand dedicated to launching programs and campaigns that harness the strength of all 4! . Please continue to read for a quick summary of each brand, and be sure to subscribe to our blog to learn more.

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