Getting SMART with setting your Marketing Goals!

Getting SMART with your Marketing Goals!

It’s time to stop the guessing game.

It’s the first Monday of the month and you’ve just taken your seat around the large conference room table in preparation for the monthly management meeting (internally shooting yourself for not leaving home in time to grab that much needed Starbucks on the way, that pesky snooze button!). You take a peak at the agenda and are excited to see that you are 5th on the list. You think to yourself, “Yes! I’ll have time to put some more thought into these goals.”.

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Your Website Should Be Your #1 Salesperson!

Your Website Should Be Your #1 Salesperson!

We know how it is, you go into work each day with big plans to make those website improvements finally happen! The day goes by with interruptions, new projects, tasks that take longer than expected, and numerous other things that get in the way. Sadly, another day has gone by and you leave the office disappointed but think, "oh well, maybe tomorrow".

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ViewSource Group Introduction

Back in 1996, at the dawn of the commercial Internet, ViewSource came in to being as one of Cincinnati’s first Web Design and Development companies. A lot of people ask about the name ViewSource. It stems from those early days when coders would right click on a web page and select the menu option “View Source” (as in to view the source code) to see how a site was coded.

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